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Ryan Paulson - "I'm Uncomfortable" @ The UCBT - 1.13.10

Ryan Paulson in I'm Uncomfortable at The Upright Citizens Brigade TheatreNOTES

--Ryan Paulson's I'm Uncomfortable is an extension of his previous autobiographical one-man show, Pentacostal Wisconsin. This one gazes deep into the navel of an ultra-conservative boy who fumbles his way into secular manhood. There's songs, there's stories, and a couple of weird takeaways like learning that some people are taught that "angels rejoice at the sight of two virgins on their wedding night." Pervy! Ryan has been out on the festival and fringe circuit perfecting his thing.

--Couldn't help but wonder if God's Pottery knows about this guy? Seems like they should go on tour together, or at the very least, someone should stage a religious themed theatrical event with I'm Uncomfortable, Minnesota Muslim and Unpronounceable.

--Though Paulson is quite affable and his showmanship is polished, I felt somewhat of a disconnect between his stories and his motivations. It was unclear why Ryan left his church or why he moved to New York or why he decided to sin all the time. He said before moving to the city that he was on track to become a Pentacostal minister. More backstory pls!

--Ann Carr was SPOTTED in the audience a couple seats away from me. Ms. Carr said she's hard at work on a GRITTY NEW WEB SERIES called The Actress. Watch and weep.

Ellis and Park helped sing us out with a spirited number about the "raft of God"