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Great Things Happened This Halloween Weekend

Oh, man. I glimpsed this thumbnail last Friday, but was too excited and busy Crayola-ing my brown paper bag to fill with Jolly Ranchers. But when I kept seeing it get reposted, I knew this video had to be that good shit... Amy Rhodes is an old school New York improviser who has gone on to do great(est) things in comedy. But we all have friends like Amy who are genuine Fraidy Cats. God bless 'em, they are funny when they're scared.

Zach Galifianakis smoked trees on Real Time. And while Zach did pass the dutchie 'pon the left-hand side, none of these pundits followed proper etiquette. Fraidy Cats, indeed.

Killgore: The New Blood spewed its guts all over the UCBT-NY crowd. Once referred to by Amy Poehler as "This theater's 'Lion King'," Killgore has become a true-blue New York Halloween institution. The amount of work and preparation that goes into this show is staggering. And every year, photog supreme Ari Scott captures every drip of the gorey bliss. (See the full set)


Halloween '09: The CHI Photo Wrap-Up

Chicago comedy Halloween festivities were in full force this year, with shows throughout the week and city celebrating all things costumed, candied, and curious.

Chicago Underground Comedy presented their annual free Halloween showcase, with performances by ten comics donning masks ranging from the ineffable Randy Watson, She-Hulk, an out-of-town demonologist, Vic Valentine, and a murderous taco.

Cameron Esposito as She-Hulk | Photo: Erin NekervisC.J. Sullivan as the out-of-town demonologist from Paranormal Activity | Photo: Erin Nekervis

Nick Vatterott as Taco Jason with host Adam Burke as Alabaster LeStrange | Photo: Erin NekervisRicky Carmona as Randy Watson | Photo: Erin Nekervis

Dan Polydoris as Vic Valentine | Erin NekervisA few nights later, the Riot Comedy girls busted out the Laffy Taffy and Sassy Tits (a specialty drink served only at Riot, and it's delissssh).

Renee Schultz, Liza Treyger, and Lauren Vino, Riot Comedy producers | Photo: Kate Knibbs

Chad Briggs as DK Ediger | Photo: Kate Knibbs

Liza Treyger | Photo: Kate Knibbs

The Edge Comedy Club celebrated on Halloween proper with their annual ZOMBEDY showcase, featuring undead comedians and survivors (for a limited time) roaming the stage, searching for laughs (and brains):

Kathryn Shear | Photo: Dave OddDaniel Wode | Photo: Dave OddDave Odd | Photo: Meredith KneeIt might have been the day after Halloween, but the Puterbaugh Sisterz didn't let that stop them from hosting Sunday's Entertaining Julia variety showcase as conjoined twins. They likely would have anyway, Halloween or no!

The Puterbaugh Sisterz | Photo: Elizabeth McQuernAnd finally, we spotted this uber-great photo of Kristen Studard and Jim Fath (as General Zod), taken at the Threadless Halloween Party.

Kristen Studard, Jim Fath | Photo: Craig Shimala

--Kristy Mangel