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Top 3 Worst Lady Gaga Inspired Outfits Worn By Google Employees at Lady Gaga's Googleplex Chat

When Lady Gaga stopped by Google's HQ to talk about how she sees the face of God in her fans, you never would've thought God would look like these 3 loons employed at Google! Apparently, Google held some kind of company morale boosting internal contest to see who can look the most like Lady Gaga using only the detritus found in their pantries and Elmers glue. Here are the top 3 losers of that contest:

WORSE: If you go as Gaga for Halloween, it's likely that you completely failed if everyone you meet asks, "So, what are you??"

THE WORST: Some prankster told this guy that MegaMan would be speaking today.

THE MOST WORST OF ALL TIME: How's his roommate supposed to shower with all his loofahs and clean towels missing?

Am I being too harsh? Were these people "born this way?"