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Angry TSOYA Listeners Don't Want, Can't Provide For "Adoption Song"

God's Pottery was on The Sound of Young America last week singing a reportedly uplifting song about adoption, but little did they know, the people on the other end of the radio were sitting with their arms crossed in an ice cold room, staring despondently in unshakeable horror and disbelief.

Jesse Thorn writes of the God's Pottery bit:

[As] you can see from the comments on the blog, it has not been universally acclaimed. I got about half a dozen email complaints, as well. Now, about 100,000 people listen to a given Sound of Young America episode, and 15 or 20 out of 100,000 is not a huge portion of that audience. It is, however, more complaints than we usually get. Did the segment merit the criticism?
In the segment, God's Pottery describe adopted children as "God's little lost socks." The refrain of their song reminds adopted children that "you're just as special as a normal child." People objected to this on several grounds...

THE WHOLE STORY: Is God's Pottery Offensive? | TSOYA

Don't put away your angry letter writing pens just yet! Jesse adds at the end of his post: "I'm looking forward to airing two more segments with God's Pottery over the next month or two, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do."