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Foodstuff to Feature Special, Secret Musical Guest

Ben Masten & Brett Wean co-host Foodstuff | Photo: Keith Huang

I got a dispatch from Brett Wean, co-host of the foodie fan show, Foodstuff, who writes:

In addition to NINJA SEX PARTY and DAVID SAX, we have a surprise musical guest we're actually not allowed to officially promote, but who has a huge following. He's the former frontman of a popular '90s band and is now a solo performer. I can't say more because I don't want him to get pissed off and cancel, but it'll be a real super bon-bon of a show.

Well, shit. Is it Pete Stuart of Dog's Eye View? Max Collins of EVƎ 6? John Hampson of Nine Days? Brett says, "Think slightly bigger! If you need more hints, just email"