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Image via Babelgum / LandlineTVNew York comedy guy Matt Hobby (The PIT, UCB) has been getting a lot of funny Internet video jobs lately, thanks to his somewhat striking resemblance to teenage billionaire Mark Zuckerberg.

Hobby, who performs regularly with sketch comedy team New Exc!tement and improvises with PIT house team Borealis, is a regular on the New York audition circuit. So hopefully these videos will bump up his exposure and he'll get his face out there even more.

I did ask Hobby if he'd seen the Facebook movie: "No, not yet.  I really want to though, because I hear it's great.  Also, I love Aaron Sorkin, so hopefully there will be a lot of scenes where people walk down hallways talking really quickly to each other."

--Keith Huang

What's the secret to your Zuckerberg impersonation?
The underbite. It's pretty much just me with an underbite. I worked on Zuck's voice for the first "Diamonds, Wow!" video -- he has this vocal sound of being a bro, but he articulates his words tightly like a true tech nerd -- but then for the Landline vids, we decided to simplify it to him being a full-on bro.


Has anyone actually mistaken you for him?
No, not yet. Until the movie, I don't think many people actually knew Zuckerberg. Most people probably still don't. He's sorta like Steve Wozniak -- really well known in certain circles, but not really known by like, my parents. But there was a time when people always thought I was John Heder, though.  I remember walking by a restaurant in Union Square and hearing some southern ladies at a a table say, "Look y'all, it's Napoleon Dynamite." I grew a beard for about a year until the movie had left the public consciousness.


Do you even like Facebook?
I guess I like Facebook. I use Facebook as a tool, as do most comedians I think, for inviting people to shows and stuff. But I rarely post to people's walls. And I definitely don't play Farmville. What the fuck is Farmville?

  • THE PLUG: Don't miss Matt performing with New Exc!tement (dates pending) and improvising with Borealis, every WEDS NIGHT @ 9:30PM at The Peoples Improv Theater (154 W. 29th) | Free