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Mike Still: Dictator For Life @ The UCBT - 8.3.11

In Mike Still's one-man show, Dictator For Life, he plays a demented dictator named Mike Still, the overlord of an island nation in the midst of an Arab Spring.


--Over the past few years Mike Still has worked his way to the summit of improv mountain, becoming a clutch player in UCB Harold Night teams, musical improv groups and the theatre's Saturday night marquee squad, Death By Roo Roo. In Dictator For Life, he gets the stage to himself to show off some characters in his head and his versatility as a solo performer.

--In my favorite bit of the show, the stage goes dark, a smoke machine sputters, and Mike emerges from the fog in a lucha libre mask and black body suit as a yo-yo ninja who is shilling a video series called Secrets of Yo-Yo Revealed. The average person can now learn such yo-yo tricks like The Atomic Moonbeam, but Mike has paid the ultimate price for blabbing these secrets to the world: he's shunned from the yo-yo community and his street cred is in tatters.

Dictator for Life in the UCBT's inside window!