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Mr. Belding Tours America as an Ironic Prom Emcee

When I read that lamestreamers will pay big bucks in Middle America for prom simulations with strangers, the idea of marketing a theme party that would've normally taken place in 2003 at some hipster's apartment initially seemed kind of gross to me. But then I saw this ad in a Cleveland alt-weekly. And I thought, if Mr. Belding is in on it, maybe this isn't lame at all. And maybe we live in a world rife with profitable early-aughts ironic theme party possibilities and the time is NOW to produce them. The future is clear and it's a future of ugly sweater parties hosted by Theo Huxtable, 90's parties presented by the surviving members of Goo Goo Dolls, and wine-in-a-box parties hosted by wandering hobos. I've got a box of Franzia ready to go.