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News of the World

--Comix's record label Live at Comix is getting set to offer an Ophira Eisenberg CD on May 11th called As Is. Also from Live at Comix: Myq Kaplan's album, which dropped TODAY.

--Eugene Cordero and Samantha Bee star in the film Furry Vengeance, which sounds like a Tarantino-esqe payback fantasy about a gaggle of sex-crazed animal costume fetishists, but probably isn't.

--There's an ad in this week's New York Times Magazine for Mt. Sinai medical center that states, "When Tom Davis, a former writer and performer on Saturday Night Live, was diagnosed with tongue cancer, he refused traditional treatment. It would have left him disfigured and unable to speak normally. Instead, he went to Mt. Sinai, where Dr. Genden was able to remove the tumor via minimally invasive robotic surgery. We saved his voice, his life, and his career."

--Speaking of ads, we're enjoying the Pitizen populated print campaign The People's Improv Theatre has been running in The Onion.

--UPDATE: Remember how staring at zany artist Marina Abramovic is a lot like having your soul ripped apart?  Well, now there's a blog about it.

--UPDATE 2: After declaring last week that we didn't get Glee, we watched that Madonna episode and sort of get it now.  We're learning!

--Kevin Allison is taking his knowledge base on the road and teaching some classes at The Philly Improv Theater.

--The library inside UCB's training center is seeking to beef up the number of titles it has on reserve. Have a suggestion?

--ABOUT THAT CHERRY BATTLE VIDEO ON SNL: Okay, so TV Squad wrote, "This sketch made me cry with laughter. I was already laughing uncontrollably at the spitting back and forth and super-intense facial expressions, but the singing cherry caught me completely off-guard and sent me over the edge." and The NY Daily News said, "Gabourey Sidibe saves first SNL hosting gig with Andy Samburg's Cherry Battle," which made us wonder whether Bret Michaels was filing all of these write ups.

--After trudging through a couple of spirit draining stinkers at the Tribeca Film Festival, we found one gem and we're getting close to declaring that the fest's best comedy is Zonad.

--DID YOU KNOW?: According to Amazon, people who buy The Best of "Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen" frequently also buy The Comedians of Comedy DVD.