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The Chi Hip Tip (x2)

Freshly showered and shaved and ready for the first CYSK show tomorrow

In Chicago (and elsewhere, it's assumed), stand-up comics will work together, much like a cast or troupe, to create rooms for themselves and their friends -- in the back rooms of bars, in loft-style theater spaces, in restaurants -- anywhere a stage can be concocted and an amp plugged in.

A "cast" of eight stand-up comics have been doing just that the last few years, banding together to make a stage for themselves in the city: Beginning in 2008, the Comedians You Should Know got together to start a weekly room at Fizz Bar and Grill. When Fizz, well, fizzled out, CYSK continued to work together in the city on various projects, open mics, and rooms. Over the last couple years, these eight comics have grown to be some of the strongest voices in the underground stand-up comedy scene in Chicago, and will be relaunching their weekly showcase, now to be housed in the swanky basement lounge of Timothy O'Tooles in downtown Chicago every Wednesday at 9PM. In addition, they begin a monthly show at the city's hottest theater space for national and local acts alike, the Lakeshore Theater. The first Lakeshore show is this Friday, January 8, 10:30PM, $15. Buy tix here, and use the code CREEP to get 'em half off!

The Comedians You Should Know are Marty DeRosa, Danny Kallas, Joe Kilgallon, Mike Lebovitz, Drew Michael, Michael Sanchez, Mike Sheehan, and Junior Stopka.

--Kristy Mangel