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Tell David Angelo's Jokes and Win $500 Dollars

David Angelo, Time Out's 2009 Joke of the Year winner, announced a curious contest today called Codename Joke -- he's challenging the world to tell his zingers, and whoever can do it the best will be rolling in $$$. Press release!

NEW YORK, NY., March 15 2010 -- Comedian David Angelo couldn't get these jokes to work, but he's hoping you can. Angelo is sponsoring the "1st Annual CodeName: Joke" comedy competition, challenging people from all over the country to "make hilarious" some of his less-successful jokes. The contest is currently accepting video submissions through May 31st. Finalists will have their videos displayed on the CodeName: Joke website, where the general public will vote for one (1) Grand Prize Winner who will receive FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS in cash.

For complete rules and regulations as well as a couple of inspirational sample videos, go to