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Chris O'Connor and John Phillips in "Mace Bacon: The Worst Guy Ever!" | Photo: Keith Huang

SKETCHFESTNYC By all rights, sketch comedy troupe Trophy Dad should be a thing of the past. While 83% of the team split town a few years ago to pursue other interests such as graduate school, the sole remaining member, John Phillips, conscripted Katherine Bryant Flaherty, Christopher O'Connor and Mike Still to restart the Trophy Dad Comedy Brain Trust. "Chris and Katherine performed with us at the UCB so much towards the end of our reign of terror, they pretty much became members themselves," says Phillips. Together the rebooted Trophy Dad foursome wrote a funny-ass show called Trophy Dad presents Mace Bacon: The Worst Guy Ever! which Phillips says, "continues the rich Trophy Dad tradition of challenging, confusing, offending, and ultimately, entertaining people." We sent Chris O'Connor of Fearsome fame, a single shot:

Who is Mace Bacon?
Mace Bacon is Mike's long lost friend from freshman year of college. They are reunited at Mike's wedding. Mace then starts to ruin Mike's life without even trying. Notes about Mace: He was in a softcore porn, he was on a hit BET series, he came up with ideas for several awful inventions, and he smells like shit.

--SketchFestNYC starts THIS THURSDAY @ 7PM at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Everything you need to know about who's playing and how to get tickets can be found here.