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Brad Steuernagel is the Man of Several Faces

We got to chit-chat recently with video blog hooligan Brad Steuernagel, who’s been in the comedy game for over a decade. His most recent project is called “Man of Several Faces,” which details his adventures in character on the streets of New York City.

So, how long have you been doing comedy, and what’s that history look like?

Brad: I started performing comedy in 1997. I took improv classes at Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis, and my first scene was with Melissa Peterman. She went on to play "Barbra Jean" on Reba and Rich Sommer (Mad Men) was on my first improv team at BNW. We were called "Satires Plus," get it? (You can follow Tires Plus on Twitter).

I also took classes at iO Chicago in 2000. The "No Throwing Chairs" Cagematch Rule is in effect thanks to me and a dust-up I had with a table of Wrigleyville loudmouths.

I moved to New York in 2002, post military/Wall Street coup d'état and did character stand-up at fun shows like "Pajama Jam" and "Invite Them Up," then the corporate wars in Afganistan/Iraq began to rage and I had to go into hiding. I was connected through secret channels to re-activate and perform by the Jerk Practice comedy gang. I owe them big time.

Describe some of your favorite projects, prior to this one.  

Brad: My favorite swings at the comedy fences; I produced a comedy show at The Telephone Bar (Now the bar's called "The 13th Step") and I was in a sketch on IFC's Whitest Kids U’Know, pre-Miss March. Last year I sold two screenplays to a Chinese production company, Ching Chong Films. They're producing Death Camp America and Office Park Massacre: Ronkonkoma for a summer 2011 release on Blu-ray. Better than nothin'!

Most recently, my 4th Dimensional Rock Band, "The Psychedelic Knights of Zohar" will perform at The Creek and the Cave, in Long Island City this Friday, August 20. I'll be posting concert highlights and bits on the blog, too.

What is this new blog all about, anyway?

Brad: It's called "Man of Several Faces" and features short video clips of my comedy characters interacting with the city of New York. I just use a Flip Cam and a Netbook, this way I can think of an idea and get it out into space quickly and affect the universe. I enjoy the "layered" comedy of Albert Brooks, Andy Kaufman, and Mr. Show because they express subversive ideas through a medium that's entertaining, and if you're paying attention and read between the lines, the comedy can change your perception of the world.

We each live in our own reality, life is like a computer program and your brain writes the code. Like attracts like, so if you think like stooge or chump, you're going to be surrounded by them. Mass media programs us to think like this so we can be easily used for labor and services by the owners of the companies we work for, they collect the profits and live in the clouds, you do the work and get rained on. "Man of Several Faces" is an outlet for these kinds of free will concepts and realities.

How long have you been working on it?  

Brad: A couple of weeks, so get in on the ground floor, people!

What are you hoping to accomplish with it?  

Brad: I'd like to travel through the United States of America and film bits on somebody else’s dime for an Adult Swim show. It would be interesting to capture the fall of the Republic or a nuclear war with Iran in real time and maybe get enough scratch together to get a lake house.


Check out more of these same shenanigans at Man of Several Faces, and follow the Tweets @manofsevfaces.

 --Kristy Mangel