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The 10 Funniest Video Games That Are Actually Funny - By: Michael Drucker

There are a lot of video games that think they're funny. You know a game thinks it's hilarious when a character can double-jump using a fart. Or the dialogue is all stolen from Army Of Darkness. Or there's a black character who says "motherf*cker" a lot while observing his place in the universe. They are the video game equivalent of a pie-fight or Eddie Murphy in a fat suit. But there are legitimately funny games out there. They may not all be funny for the same reason. And some may not even be funny on purpose. But goddamn if they don't make you laugh. 10. Resident Evil Let's stop screwing around here: Resident Evil is funny. Unlike most bad video game translations / dubbings, Resident Evil's dialogue sounds exactly like a B-movie. Not so bad that it's unintelligible (House of the Dead), but not so good that it's a crappy melodrama (Metal Gear Solid). Listen to Barry dismiss Jill's fears that something in a mansion filled with zombies is amiss: Although it's not intentionally funny, Resident Evil deserves a place on this list because it's odd, unintentional comedy doesn't ruin the game. Rather, it makes it far more memorable and fun. While other crappy dubs might take you out of the action, Resident Evil lines such as "I coulda' been a Jill sandwich!" only make you feel like you're living an awful '50s horror flick. 9. Elite Beat Agents / Ouendan I could explain this game two ways. One, it's the only video game with a song by Cher. Two takes a bit more back story. Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (Hey! Fight! Cheer Squad) was a successful game about male cheerleaders who boosted peoples' confidence through song and dance. Nintendo began to notice that it was becoming a popular game for importers outside of Japan. Apparently Americans liked games involving men dancing to pop tunes so a sculptor had the confidence to make homoerotic pottery. C'mon--we're all Americans, you know we do. But since male cheerleaders aren't as big here--so to speak--as they are in Japan, Nintendo decided to replace them with government agents based on the Men In Black. This only made the game something like five-times as awesome. Later renamed Elite Beat Agents, the American version of Ouendan kept the same insane humor while introducing America's favorite song: "Life After Love." It also sold absolutely no copies. 8. PaRappa The Rapper If there's anything that Andy Samberg or the website Things White People Like tells us, is that white people think rap is very, very funny. If you're on this website, you definitely own at least one Weird Al song. And that song is almost certainly "Amish Paradise." PaRappa The Rapper is a silly-ass music video game with lyrics that live somewhere between the sovereign countries of Cute and Hilarious. Observe:

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