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Best of the Decade: 10 Funniest Recurring SNL Characters of the 2000s

Now that every day of the last decade has been accounted for, we'll continue along our leisurely pace at which we declare the best things of the 2000s.  Here are the 10 Funniest Recurring SNL Characters of the 00s.

10. Two A-Holes

9. Nicholas Fehn

8. Sarah Palin

With everybody clamoring for Fey to do Palin, she stepped up and gave us exactly what we wanted: an impression that sunk a campaign.

 7. Janet Reno

It's weird to think how many of Will Ferrell's impressions completely co-opted the real-life persona of his targets.  Reno got a permanent entry in the pop cultural history book thanks to this one, which can't be said for Bush's Attorneys General or Eric Holder.

6. Carol

Sanz' character consists of nothing more than a wig, a goofy voice, and the catchphrase "I'm Carol!" Goes to show that charisma goes a long way.

5. Penelope

4. George W. Bush

3. Astronaut Jones

2. MacGruber

It's impossible not to detonate with laughter as MacGruber dawdles through ultra-sticky situations. The thundering theme-song and stock explosions are half the fun. Can't wait for the movie.


1. Debbie Downer

Wah wahhhh!