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Gothamist's Laughable Hype | Pics

Image Hosted by Photography by Brooklyn Vegan First of all, one thing needs to be said: Aziz Ansari is a Fuckin' Badass. The Gothamist comedy showcase DELIVERED the goods. Hosts Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel stole the show with ZANY moustachioed antics. A great bit on cell phone ringtones featuring Orinoco Flow and the Charles in Charge theme song sealed the deal for The Apiary. Breakout star Nick Kroll dropped a neat set in which a pre-recorded Nick Kroll thought aloud over a live and bumbling Nick Kroll. Another interesting note is that Aziz continues to build as a box-office draw. Immediately after he finished his routine, about 15 people cleared the room. The show was bookended by Chelsea Peretti and Jessi Klein respectively. Gothamist publisher Jake Dobkin was sighted taking candid(?) photos of the healthy crowd. Central Village, Daily Refill, and Brooklyn Vegan were also spotted laughing/grinning in the back of the house area. Stellar job by everyone. Props to Gothamist for organizing the show and getting people out to see live comedy.

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All Eyes on Gothamist

Image Hosted by The Laughable Hype showcase is tonight. Gothamist flexes its muscle to bring some much needed attention to the all-too-often under-the-radar comedy scene here. It's at Tonic. Rub elbows with your favorite comedians AND your favorite bloggers!

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Sausage Sith In the City

Lightsabers--engage! Wednesday offers a unique comedy event to get everyone stoked about Star Wars III. SITH IN THE CITY A Night of Star Wars Comedy Starring: Andrew Secunda, Chad Carter, Jesse Falcon, Glennis McMurray, Eliza Skinner, Brian Fountain, Jon Daly, Brett Gelman, Chad Carter, Owen Burke, Jack Helmuth, Eric Appel, Rob Lathan, Rob Huebel, Eric Linn, Aziz Ansari, Alison Becker, Nick Kroll, Curtis Gwinn, John Gemberling, Chris Gethard, Scott Brown, Anthony King and Paul Scheer. The press release is advertising free admission if you wear a costume. They should offer the same deal if you bring a female! Wednesday @ 9:30 at Upright Citizens Brigade

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The SNL Stand-by Ticket Line - 5/13/05

Photograpy by Thomas Bugarin Image Hosted by Last week, The Apiary told you how to get tickets to Saturday Night Live. This week, The Apiary chatted with ACTUAL PEOPLE in the SNL stand-by ticket queue to hear their stories. Image Hosted by The first in line: First in line is a man named Louis Klein. He’s been coming EVERY week to see the show since its premiere in 1975. He’s a bit of a recurrent character in SNL lore and in blog accounts of the stand-by experience. Today, he has been sitting here since 9:00 AM. When Louis anticipates a highly popular host such as Will Ferrell, he makes 9 his call time. He has a paternal sort of relationship with the cast members and talked openly about who he thinks will leave this season. He is optimistic about the future of the cast. During our conversation, Louis produced a spreadsheet documenting the number of stand-by guests who were admitted for each show in the 04/05 season. Stand-bys have better chances of getting into the dress rehearsals than the live shows, but the OVERALL numbers for both generally bounce from the single digits to the mid-40s. It all depends on the hosts. Here are the lowest and highest stand-by admittance extremes for this season: Host: Luke Wilson w/ Musical Guest U2 11/20/04 Admitted to Dress Rehearsal: 0 Admitted to Live Broadcast: 0 Host: Paul Giamatti w/ Musical Guests: Ludacris & Sum 41 1/22/05 Admitted to Dress Rehearsal: 110* Admitted to Live Broadcast: 85 (*there was a blizzard in NYC that night) Image Hosted by The last in line as of 8:30PM: “People keep asking if we’re here for Star Wars,” said a cheerful girl laying on the ground, wrapped in a blanket like a bouquet of flowers. She’s next to a group of college aged guys who earlier in the week saw a taping of The Daily Show--one of boys hails from Ohio University. Behind her is a man blowing up a canary yellow beach raft with the words “Fun Island” printed on it. All are thrilled to be here. Don’t mean to sound like one of those programs on the Discovery Channel that tapes adorable baby turtles hatching on the Galapagos and then tells you that most will be eaten by crows before they dash to the sea... But unfortunately, by 8:30 PM Friday, there are already 50 or so people in line. The ones I spoke with--should they err and request a ticket to the Live show--will probably not get in. Stand-by numbers will be passed out at 7AM Saturday. Those in line will come back again and find out their fate. More pictures after the hump!

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Neil Hamburger is the Worst Stand Up Comedian of All Time

Image Hosted by The Apiary isn't going to sugarcoat everything. Neil Hamburger can't even tell a joke! He coughs every other second, he nervously sips from a glass of water--the guy's a train wreck. His material is so bad he makes Jay Leno look like the son of God. Neil has cancer, but so what! Everyone has a little cancer sometime. Cancer doesn't give us the right to go on stage and eat it EVERY SINGLE SHOW. How does this dude make a living? If anyone want's to watch him suck balls, he's on a world tour and going to be in town for ONE NIGHT ONLY at Piano's tonight. We weren't even gonna talk about it because the show was sold out... BUT PIANOS ADDED A LATE ONE! Buy tickets for the 10:00PM show! Neil's Unofficial Website An interview with Neil!

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Comedy All Stars to Hit UCB Monday for real cheap

This press release came across The Apiary's editorial desk late yesterday:

The Goofaround Gang is a gang of Chicago Improvisers (and New York success stories) who are coming to the UCB Theatre for a few awesome improv shows. Starring Kevin Dorf, Jon Glaser, Jodi Lennon, Brian McCann and Miriam Tolan.
Three of them are brilliant writers and performers from Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien (Kevin, Jon, and Brian). One is on The Daily Show and happens to be married to a writer from Conan (Miriam). One rolled with the Exit 57 set (Jodi). We suggest you make reservations before you can't. 2 performances only! Monday, May 16 & 23 9:30pm ONLY $5 - That's a deal!

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Even More Best Week Ever on your Computer

Liam McEneaney recently quit his shitty day job to pursue comedy full time. Did you know one of his current gigs is writing for Best Week Ever? Every week or so he puts up a sweet article on his blog listing the jokes that didn't make it out of post-production. Here's his most recent list Here's the list before that My Blog Is Poop has more for your computer Liam's next show. Sunday, May 15th Friends & Family The Beauty Bar 14th St. (2nd & 3rd Aves.) 8:00pm * FREE!

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The Shoves @ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - 5/10/05 as recounted by various people on the IRC Message Boards

The Shoves...That was the most incredible Harold I have seen in seven years at the theatre. I hope to God there were "students" (myself included) in the audience tonight to see how absolutely phenomenal all of you were tonight. You kicked the world's ass. --macoule30
Shoves. Inspiring. Uplifting. Beautiful. Redemptive. Shows like this could change people's entire approach to improv - I know it had that strong of an influence on me. --professorKirk
My damn...The Shoves embodied greatness last night. Their harold last night made me feel heavy on the inside. No improv has ever done that to me showed the art side of longform improv comedy. --General McLean
The Shoves' harold restored my faith that improv doesn't have to be about snappy pop culture references and mugging at the audience. Seriously one of the - if not the - best harolds i've ever seen. So good. What improv should be. --dethtron5000
The Shoves perform again next Tuesday @ UCB. The Shoves website

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