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The Pleaser Twins

Tonight at Invite Them Up, Bobby Tisdale will be proudly showcasing his much ballyhooed video titled "The Pleaser Twins." Recently, this short caused 500 college students at Cornell to erupt into a chorus of deafening boos. Hopefully, the vid will make its way to the internet, but until then, see it first on the BIG SCREEN at Rififi. Invite Them Up Lineup

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Improv Everywhere Rules World with U2 Rooftop Stunt, Dominates Media

Image Hosted by Last week, The Apiary reported we had reason to believe the impromptu U2 concert on the top of an 8th Avenue building hours before U2's scheduled performance at Madison Square Gardens could have been the work of Improv Everywhere--the savvy band of improvisers, comedians, and performance artists who pull off tongue wagging, media swarming stunts every month or so. Our instincts were validated Sunday by--perhaps you've heard of them--The New York Times. In a simultaneous move, Improv Everywhere's astoundingly detailed account of the mission went live on their site yesterday as well. The reaction photographs of the frenzied passersby are especially striking. Especially especially striking is the shot of the dude with arm-braces seen raising the roof. Image Hosted by Chris Kula, the guy who played U2's drummer in the mission, shows off his Summons on his site

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The New York Post is totally In Touch with Indie Comedy and Indie Rock

NY Post reporter and Tale of Two Cities' fantasy lover, Maureen Callahan, plopped out a nice feature about the burgeoning NYC comedy scene and its relation to indie rock. While The Apiary doesn't quite envision the same crowds you'd see at Invite them Up as you would at say on Last Night's, we concede that the cool kids are starting to catch on that there's tons of amazing comedy performed every night in NYC for FREE or for POCKET CHANGE. However, perhaps M.I.A. being booked on Conan this week is some sort of overarching testament to the synergy. Read The NY Post article here! (Registration required) Tip via: Rachel Kramer Bussell See also: Brooklyn Vegan's special report

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New Talent Discovered: Joshua Grosvent!

Image Hosted by Last Sunday at Saturday Night Rewritten--a weekly sketch comedy performance set up just like SNL--the musical guest, Joshua Grosvent, nearly stole the show with a couple of fun songs. One was about how NYU girls wouldn't talk to him if he were on fire and had a bag of money. He followed it up with an improvised piano tune about pizza and sex (audience suggestions, mind you), and another about diddlin' old broads. Here are some of his recordings! Joshua's My Space page contains both of the above mentioned (non-improvised) songs He does Journey covers too!

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Show Highlights for Thursday and Friday

Tonight! --Fan favs and Screenhead darlings, Elephant Larry, square off against Cubicle in some sort of sketch comedy bloodsport at The Funny @ 8:00 PM - 9 Bucks --Welcome to Our Week's site says Paul Scheer is gonna be there. Dunno if they update every week or not though. However, Nick Kroll and Jessi Klein are definitely on the bill. Rififi @ 8:00 PM - FREE Tomorrow night! --Saw in The Onion that there's a great show called Son of Here Be Monsters at the new Magnet Theater featuring DEMETRI MARTIN, SNL scribe Eric Slovin, musical guests, and more! @ 9:30 PM - 5 Bucks

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Decide who will win the ECNY Best Comedic Website Award

If you had to choose the Emerging Comics of New York Awards Best Comedic Website based strictly on the hilarity of the most current blog items/video samples, who would take home the ULTIMATE PRIZE? Look out for a mind-bending blog-crossover of one of the nominees in the Channel 102 vid.

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Comedy Festival Mania to Sizzle Manhattan in Coming Months

First there's: SketchFest NYC June 9th - 11th

SketchFest NYC will present the first ever national sketch comedy festival in New York City, June 9-11, 2005! Nineteen different groups from around the country will converge on the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater on June 9th, June 10th, and June 11th. Tickets and day passes now available!
Next up: The 7th Annual Del Close Improv Marathon July 22nd - 24th
From 4pm, Friday til midnight on Sunday night, there will be long form improvisation on the UCB stage. When one show ends, the next will begin (usually every 30 minutes). It's a nonstop cavalcade of the best improv from NYC and around the country, mixed in with some of the strangest late night improv shows you may ever see
Coming this Fall: New York Underground Comedy Festival October 3rd - 9th
Top venues in all five boroughs will host over 100 events exposing new talent in a national spotlight. To be considered, have a recognized industry professional forward your tape or DVD, no later than July 15th.

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ECNY Polls Open Tomorrow

The nominees are in! Voting for the Emerging Comics of New York Awards begins tomorrow. Who will win? Who will lose?? Comedians--An ECNY will go great with your shelf of Daytime Emmys. Take time in the coming weeks to vote for your friends over and over until the site runs out of bandwidth. The Awards Ceremony is: Thursday June 23rd, 9:30pm @ UCB Theatre

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