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Eleven Heads on 11/11 | Koren Ensemble
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New Video Wednesday! Featuring: Chris Garcia, Will Ferrell, and Sue Galloway & Pam Murphy 

Elevator to Space: Episode 40 | Chris Garcia, Alex Koll

President Bush Reacts to Bin Laden's Death | Will Ferrell

Namedroppers | Sue Galloway & Pam Murphy


The OFFICIAL Osama Bin Laden is Dead Party Playlist

Since a lot of people are wondering which songs will keep the dance floor thumping at an Osama Bin Laden is Dead Party, I put together a YouTube playlist full of hot tracks. Sneak peak at the first one here:

1. Oh No, Oh Yeah
2. Celebration
3. Finally
4. Na Na Hey Hey
5. The Hulk Hogan Theme
6. We Built This City
7. See You Later Alligator
8. Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
9. Party in the USA
10. We Are the Champions
11. Havin' a Party
12. Goodbye England's Rose
13. We Didn't Start the Fire
14. I Will Remember You
15. Fight For Your Right
16. You Give Love a Bad Name
17. I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight
18. God Bless the USA
19. Time of Your Life
20. End of the Road

Got any requests? I'll rotate them in.


Inside the Party at Bin Laden's Farewell Sing-a-Long at Ground Zero

In his weekly email blasts to promo Sweet, Seth Herzog ruminates about current events and whatever else is going on in the world. This week, Seth shared a first hand account of the ticker tape parade at Ground Zero held in honor of Osama Bin Laden's body getting riddled with bullets and dumped in the ocean. He writes:

Well, we did it, America. We killed Osama Bin Laden (But let’s be honest, his career has been dead for years). No more, "We can blah, blah, blah but we can’t find Osama" jokes. Judging from the reaction, it feels like America really needed this win. I live across the street from Ground Zero, so I’m reminded everyday of what happened. And when I heard that people were gathering down there. I decided to go downstairs and see the emotion for myself. Immediately you felt that rare NY vibe, where strangers are just coming up to you and introducing themselves, hugging you and saying, "It’s a good night" and "Finally" in proud yet somber tones. Once I got to the "ground zero of celebrating" which was at Ground Zero, everyone was excitedly staring at each other, and no one knew what to do. Like when a city wins a championship: There’s all this energy and no one knows where to direct it. So that’s when cars get turned over and businesses get burned. In this case, they sang. Boy did they sing.  Anything that was remotely patriotic was sung, "The Star Spangled Banner," "God Bless America," "My Country Tis of Thee," and then when there was nothing else: the Pledge of Allegiance. No joke. And it happened more than once. People were climbing up the poles, waving flags, and yes, spewing champagne on the crowd like a rap video. Then as the crowd grew, so did the “attention seekers,” the kind that show up outside MJ trials or OJ hearings. There was a guy in a Captain America costume (ok, appropriate) and then a dude with an accordion and a Donald Duck costume (Um. Sure. I guess both Disney and Osama hated Jews, so that’s something). But once guys starting yelling at women, who were up on people’s shoulders, to "Show your tits" it was time for me to leave (only because I don’t think any tits were going to be shown). Its weird to cheer for someone’s death, it made me think this is what it must have felt like to be at the Roman Coliseum. Sometimes I think we’re sore winners.



A Photographer's Moment

Photo: Robyn Von Swank

This was the moment Eric Appel looked at his phone and realized Osama Bin Laden was dead last night. Sarah Silverman was just about to go on in front of an audience who had not been exposed to the media yet because they were in a marathon comedy show. It took them a while to realize it wasn’t a bit. (via



Photo: Hey, It's Cat

Gaby Dunn of managed to ask Stephen Colbert a few questions for her esteemed blog. And the great Mr. Colbert provided some answers.

“One of your goals was to meet me?” He asked.
I nodded, “And ask you some questions.”
He raised his arm and made a check mark in the air. “Done!”



Citizen Models | Photo: Nathan Vranes

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I'm Glad Not Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton and her zany hats will live happily ever after... and so will I!By: Meghan O'Keefe

Every girl born in the 1980's was raised with one dream: to marry Prince William. Tomorrow, Kate Middleton gets to be his bride. My mom is very upset by this, but I'm dealing with it graciously. I've even made a list of reasons why I'm happy I'm not marrying a Prince:

I'd have to give up my career. When you become a Princess, your life is about being loved by school children and having your hair brushed by sassy gay men. I'm not the kind of person who can live a life of leisure like that. I love the fulfillment of being an administrative assistant to financial research analysts too much to give it up.

I'd have to be a style icon. If I became Princess of England, I could never walk out of my apartment hungover on noon on a Sunday in my Marvel comics t-shirt and a pair of see-through leggings and snow boots. People would judge me for letting my muffin top roll over my waistband. How could I live a life wearing beautiful designer clothes that enslaved my spirit?

I'd have to live in a castle. Castles are old, large and impersonal. There's nothing cozy about living in a luxurious castle. I vastly prefer living in my two-bedroom apartment in Queens. Some say home is where the heart is, but it's also where the Indian couple across the hall screams at each other every night at 2AM.

I'd have to produce an heir and a spare. Marrying a prince is romantic, but it's also about making babies. Unlike Ms. Middleton, I'm not keen on delivering a baby just yet. I have a biological clock and I intend to hear it tick. I want to push my uterus to the outer limits of its baby-making potential only to adopt a Chinese daughter who will later resent me for not being her biological mother. I am a modern woman and don't need a child's love to give my life purpose.

So, you see, it's just not in me to be the future Queen of England. It's too much fun to be a nobody. I can make mistakes, have silly friends, and do anything I want. Congratulations on your marriage, Kate, but I think I'll have more fun sleeping during your wedding than you will knowing that for the rest of your life everyone will be waiting for you to mess up. Good luck (and I hope you accidentally burp during the ceremony because that would be hilarious)!



Alicia Levy | Photo: Keith Huang

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