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Childish Gambino @ The Creek and the Cave - 7.2.10

By: Paul Gale

Last Wednesday, Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover performed his first rap concert ever, at The Creek and The Cave, one of Derrick Comedy's old stomping grounds.  "Gambine," had fans lined up for his live debut over two hours before doors even opened, eventually reaching around the block from the Long Island City restaurant and bar. His audience was very diverse, from comedy nerds like myself to well-dressed fashionistas, along with Community co-star Gillian Jacobs and a UCB manager thrown in the mix as well.

The show took place just days before the anticipated release of Gambino's first "official," album Culdesac,  which he independently produced with Community composer Ludwig Görannson. The setlist borrowed from multiple periods of his young career, performing tracks from Poindexter, I Am Just A Rapper 1 & 2, and the Mystery Team soundtrack. The biggest surprise of the night had to be a quasi-cover of IT boy Drake's "Over," with Donald singing the hook and spitting his own rhymes in place of the former Degrassi star's.

Gambino's crowd, who, at this point, seemed to mostly be Donald Glover fans, ate up his performance, especially when a particularly biting couplet came out of his mouth, which, if you haven't listened to Culdesac yet (you should, it's free), was pretty often. Gambino is a sharp and passionate performer, and I have a feeling that it is destined to become more than a side-project this summer, a trajectory that might be stifled by his fast-approaching commitments at Community in the coming months. Until then, he has promised to perform once again in NYC, as well as in LA. It was a fun show, and I hope to see him when he stops by again in the coming weeks. Something tells me it'll be dangerously close to Derrick's DCM performance...

Childish Gambino's album can be downloaded for free here, along with a bonus video shot by yours truly!

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