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The Del Close Marathon XII descends upon Metropolis once again this weekend. Starting at 4:30PM on Friday, improvisers from around the world will feel like King Théoden in The Two Towers, muttering: "And so it begins..."

Although the stats are the same -- more than 150 shows in one weekend -- this year's festival feels bigger, faster, funnier and sweatier than years past. I'm not sure how that works, I just know that it does. To kick things off, I found a Random Time/Date Generator on the Web, plugged in the festival's start and finish time and came up with the following date and time slots. I asked a representative from these shows to answer the following question:

Why should I come to your show?

31-Jul-2010 22:27:14 - "We're giving out free champagne (not a bit) and we're one of the only groups that will be doing a Harold." --Winston Noel, RAGNARÖCK

31-Jul-2010 19:28:37 - "You should come to our show because you will never see bongos used this fast and this way again." --Clay Foltz, Loser Josh

31-Jul-2010 14:34:23 - "The first thing you notice about Donut Video is that no two members are alike; physically or in their comedy stylings. Though all trained in improv at UCBLA and iO West, they have also ventured out into the worlds of stand up, sketch and physical comedy/clowning. If you hate awesomeness, good times, laughter and fun, please do not come see our show. Instead, use that half hour to reevaluate your life. " --Sonny Dominguez, Donut Video

31-Jul-2010 10:26:52 - "Daddy is filled with veteran UCB improvisers who are probably going to get naked, and that is what you want to see early Sunday morning." --Zhubin Parang, Daddy

01-Aug-2010 00:19:27 - "Belmont Transfer is High-Quality, Deep-Dish, Fast-Paced, Weird Improv from Chicago that'll satisfy you sexually or at least make you giggle." --Peter Robards, The Belmont Transfer

31-Jul-2010 07:13:42 - "Never shying away from the absurd, lewd, or awkward-these Fish take a swim through your subconscious and leave you dying to sleep with them." --Stefanie Grassley, Fish Is Fish

...more to come

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