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News of the World

--Now that Sweet finished its run at the Slipper Room, people are wondering what show sits at the top of the heap of the remaining Manhattan indie alt rooms.  Tell Your Friends has probably been around the longest...

--Apiary contributor Matt Fried announced he's taking his show to THE WRITERS ROOM IN THE SKY for a bit: "I've been slow to break the news, but after a successful 18 month run, my talk show "The Matt Fried Hour" will play its FINAL live show at The Peoples Improv Theater, Thursday, June 24th at 9:30 p.m. Following that, the show will go on hiatus as I plan to reboot it for the internet later in 2010."

--The recession has yet to recede for popular comedy nightclub Comix which has recently cut expenses and slashed payroll. The venue is now closed on Sundays and Mondays (and Tuesdays?). Their calendar seems a little sparse in July at the mainstage and they're running shows Wednesday-Saturday only at Ochi's Lounge.

--NEW GIGS: Jokesmith David Angelo was hired at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as a monologue writer. Congrats!

--Staten Island, A PLACE MADE THE OPPOSITE OF POPULAR by the disturbing docudrama, MTV True Life: I'm From Staten Island, is home to the Staten Island Comedy Festival, happening RIGHT NOW.  Will Forte is expected to ride the ferry over; he'll be appearing at  Mid-Evenings with Jay Miller TOMORROW.

--NEWLYWEDS: There hasn't been a splashy Allison Silverman-esque NY Times wedding profile yet, but Late Night's head writer/head crotch-wrangler, A.D. Miles, got married a couple weeks ago.

--The Apiary is putting its crap on the curb for the Blogger Tag Sale, which starts tomorrow. Be on the lookout for precious items for sale or trade.

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