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News of the World

--Rob Lathan announced he's having a baby and he's considering relaxing his nutface in favor of more FAMILY FRIENDLY MATERIAL.  Similarly, Tina Fey recently didn't pose nude for Esquire saying, "I'm a mom. And my kid's going to find this someday and blah blah blah." What's up with children impacting our choices?!

--In what may or may not be an April Fool's stunt, said it's relaunching its site on April 1st.  The site will introduce a new rating system that will allow viewers to add or take away from each video’s "Bucket of Truth." The website overhaul has been one of the first major projects for Todd Bieber, its Director of Content and Production who joined UCBComedy from The Onion News Network in January.

--You don't need to feign interest in Rotary Club to get on this scholarship gravy train.  An anonymous donor pledged a $10,000 contribution for the next three years to support The PIT's artistic outreach and endeavors. The PIT took this money and created the Improv Your Life Scholarship Program.  The program will offer five full-ride improv scholarships (Levels 1 - 5) and three partial improv scholarships (Level 1 only) to be awarded to individuals who are passionate about improv and demonstrate financial need.  For more information on how to apply, visit Thanks Anonymous!

--Mike Sacks, the author/editor of And Here's the Kicker (ACCLAIMED), has been hard at work on a new book: SEX: Our Bodies, Our Junk. It's due out from Random House in August.

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Reader Comments (1)

Don't worry, I'll NEVER relax the nutface. The nutface stays. Permanently. Baby or no baby. Also, I'd be willing to pose nude for Esquire, if they're interested.

March 31, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRob Lathan

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