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GIVEAWAY | Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire on DVD

The first season of Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fireis now available on DVD: 

From the time of the long ago past arrives "Krod Mandoon and The Flaming Sword of Fire," COMEDY CENTRAL's epic live-action series chronicling the adventures of Krod Mandoon (Sean Maguire) and his hopelessly futile band of warriors as they take on the evil Chancellor Dongalor (Matt Lucas). "Krod Mandoon and The Flaming Sword of Fire" special BBC edition DVD is extended and uncensored and arrived in stores nationwide on Tuesday, March 23 and is also available at

Krod is a character-driven workplace comedy set in an ancient realm.  The series follows reluctant hero, Krod Mandoon, a thin-skinned and underconfident freedom fighter, who is the last great hope in the struggle against the evil ruler, Chancellor Dongalor.  To help fight the good fight, Krod has assembled a band of loyal, but remarkably ineffective freedom fighters:  Aneka, the beautiful Pagan warrioress whose weapon of choice is sex; Zezelryck, the young warlock whose greatest magical gift is spinning B.S.; Loquasto, Krod's oafish half human/half swine servant; and Bruce, who's fierce and proud.  Together, they must overcome a myriad of evil obstacles in their quest to save the world, including name-calling, hired assassins and a bisexual Cyclops (or biclops).

Krod Mandoon
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1) Create a Twitter update that says something like "@theapiary is giving away Krod Mandoon on DVD. I want it."

2) Send that tweet by the end of this weekend, Sunday at MIDNIGHT (3/28).

3) TWO twitterers who successfully do this will be randomly selected to receive these DVDs! We'll contact you on Monday if you're one of them. Be sure to check back every Friday for new giveaways and promotions.

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