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Who Will Provide Us With Chris Armstrong Outrage Alerts Now?

Now that the Assistant Attorney General of Michigan, Andrew Shirvell, has taken a leave of absence from his 9-5 gig, you'd think he'd spend more time updating his fabulously offensive blog, Chris Armstrong Watch. However--the opposite has occurred! Chris Armstong Watch was made private today and blocked from the general viewing public. :(

However! Since you can't really unGoogle things, let's take a quick look at the Chris Armstrong Watch stories that touched us most (before they're no longer cached):

OUTRAGE ALERT: Armstrong Praises Anti-Christian Activist Judge Vaughn R. Walker

Since I receive Chris Armstrong Watch Outrage Alerts directly to my phone, I have to admit that I was underwhelmed by this one's inflated sense of urgency. Everyone loves Activist Judge Vaughn Judy!  Duh, of course Chris Armstrong would praise this person. Who wouldn't raise a glass to this justice? I feel like Madonna's "Like a Prayer" video was way more outrageous than this Outrage Alert. And I'm still fuming about that!

OUTRAGE ALERT: Armstrong Invites U of M Freshmen to Join the Homosexual Lifestyle

In Chris Armstong's defense, he RSVP'd Yes to an upcoming "Join the Homosexual Lifestyle" event on Facebook and everyone in his social graph saw it. He didn't mean to invite the entire U of M freshman class, it's just that he's Facebook friends with all of them.

BOMBSHELL: Armstrong Hosted 'Gay' Orgy at U of M Dorm in '09

Where are the photos???  The people demand proof!

OUTRAGE ALERT: Armstrong Engages in Sexual Escapades at 'Churches & Children's Playgrounds'

Again, where are the photos?? But also: most children's playgrounds are built over gay Indian burial mounds, so this isn't really surprising that the tradition would continue.  As for the churches, keep it in your pants Chris Armstrong! A church is no place for man on man action. Unless you're Catholic.


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