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More "Mystery Team Week"


Dominic Dierkes and Dan Eckman of Mystery Team | Photo: Keith Huang

At Wednesday's MYSTERY TEAM LIVE! show, two members of Derrick came to the UCBT-NY bearing gifts. Dominic Dierkes and Dan Eckman toted a K-mart bag filled with Tub Time Toys, a Swing Vote DVD and some random paperback books, cheerily handing out items to anyone who had seen Mystery Team at previous screenings.

Kevin Brown plays "Dotcom" on 30 RockSome of the biggest laughs came from Dierkes's reading of the synopsis to "Playing With Fire," by Gena Showalter: The substance snuck into the protagonist's grand mocha latte "changes her life forever: the new Super Belle can control the four elements -- earth, wind, fire and water." Eckman quickly said he wanted to adapt a screenplay.

Ahead of today's first, official New York Mystery Team screenings, the Derrick gang (sans DC and Donald) asked all their friends whom they had asked to be in the movie to come out for an improv jam.

The special guest monologist was Kevin "Dotcom" Brown from 30 Rock, who told a story about buying a gold suit in Detroit and an incredibly funny story about a famous Brown-family gem about how "when I was born, they thought I was dead."

Although tonight's Mystery Team screenings are sold out, the fellas will be on hand at evening screenings this weekend and all next week to meet-and-greet and field some Q&A with the audience.

Tickets for the Saturday and Sunday shows are still available, as are tickets for next week's shows (Tickets).

--Keith Huang

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^ Kay Cannon wrote last night's 30 Rock episode "Dealbreakers Talk Show"^ Neil Casey and Dominic Dierkes^ Anthony King^ Will Hines

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