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More "Mystery Team Week"

Dominic Dierkes, Donald Glover and DC Pierson are Mystery Team | Photo courtesy of Derrick

By: Keith Huang

No surprises here: The first two screenings of Mystery Team for Dec. 4 have sold out, but midnight seats are still available (Tickets). Rest assured, the movie will be playing continuously next week, as well. For today, we rounded up a few of the stellar Mystery Team cast members to discuss their experiences on set and why they thought they were picked to join the cast. Here's what they said:

Will Hines (Mr. Stevens): The night before my shoot the cast and crew got wicked drunk and watched The Omen. Yes, I typed "wicked." I remember Ben Rodgers imitating Gregory Peck saying "I was attacked by hell hounds" for most of the evening. I think I got asked to be in the movie because they needed a straight man to play off of Donald's characters amazingly ineffective disguises. And I am the greatest most reasonable straight man in the history of American comedy.

Ben Schwartz (Dougie's Buddy): My scene was in a strip club in New Hampshire so all I remember is seeing flashes of New Hampshire style strippers and hilarious actors running around.

Anthony King (Office Worker): I only worked on the movie for one day. Though that meant taking a scenic bus ride to New Hampshire and eating dirty pancakes with Jon Daly in a diner attached to a mall. So...all in all, a perfect experience.

"Here I am on set of, script in hand" --Tom Shillue | Photo courtesy of Tom ShillueTom Shillue (Alan McGinty): I auditioned for the film thru Jodi Collins Casting. I had not met the guys and Meggie before. I went in the day before and read the script -- it was hilarious. How fun to read a feature film script that makes you laugh out loud as you read it! Jodi put me on tape and I think they cast me right from the first read if I remember correctly.

Then they had me come in and do literally a 10-minute rehearsal. Everyone seemed funny, and I thought to myself: "Who are these guys?!" so I went home and watched a bunch of Derrick videos on youtube. "OH-I get it. I know these guys. I remembered a few of the old videos and was also maybe aware of a few of the early Hammerkatz videos I had seen before. I had seen them on humor sites, or had been forwarded links by friends.

I was ready for a down and dirty shoot, but the whole thing was as professional as anything I've worked on. I was there early in the shoot, and they were just getting used to working in an under the gun, anything can go wrong, feature film environment, but everyone was super nice and appreciative of the whole cast and crew.

I knew I was working on a cool project, but of course you never expect that these independent projects are going to go so far, never mind get a big theatrical release. Very exciting.

Ben Rodgers (Caleb): I think I'm only in the movie for about a second, I just shot one quick scene and I still haven't seen it, so I'm not sure how much made it in. They had a very small part for a young looking angry guy and they frequently bring out that side of me, so they asked me to read for the part.

Neil Casey | Photo courtesy of Neil CaseyNeil Casey (Broken Man): On the night before my shoot, the guys and I went out to a church basement so they could take pictures of me fucking air. In the film, my character reveals a photograph of himself having sex with something. Since the actual receptive object (I won't spoil it) was unavailable, the photo itself had to be constructed using Movie Magic.

We assembled in the church basement, set up some lights and positioned me in my underpants so I could spend about 10 minutes thrusting my hips into nothing while cycling through a shockingly comprehensive repertoire of fuck faces. My giant beard, grown exclusively to play the part, contributed to the result -- the most troublingly erotic photo set that any of us had ever seen. Upset and aroused, the guys and I went back to the hostel and kissed on a couch but have never talked about it. The photo set remains unavailable.

Bobby Moynihan (Jordy): My most vivid memory of working on Mystery Team was driving two hours to New Hampshire to shoot and my car broke down. I was stranded in Connecticut and (director) Dan Eckman's mom, a champion of a woman, had to come pick me up. We then drove the rest of the two hours and started shooting at midnight. At around 5 in the morning I had a lit firecracker in my mouth. By 9 in the morning I was on my way back to Connecticut to figure out how to get my car back to NYC. I paid $3,000 in transmission repair to be in that movie and it was worth every penny. I think this movie is amazing and that people will get to see just how talented the Derrick guys are. I owe a lot to these guys and no matter what amount of success I have in this business I will always be the guy from "Bro Rape."


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After having just seen the movie, it's great to go through and read everyone's thoughts on their experience! In case you weren't sure, I thought the film was masterfully excellent.

December 5, 2009 | Unregistered Commentersoce

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