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Donald Glover asks Kumail Nanjiani... | Photos: Liezl Estipona

By: Keith Huang

Welcome to Pick Me / Pick 3, the new online game that's sweeping The Apiary. And just like every Pick 3 lottery, this game is loads of fun, easy to play and everybody gets to take home a Certificate of Participation. Here's how it works:

PICK ME: A Comedy Person is asked to pick Another Comedy Person whom they admire.
The first Comedy Person submits three random questions. Another Comedy Person answers them. Repeat steps 1 & 2 with another Another Comedy Person. Results are surveyed and verified by an independent auditor from KPMG.

For the inaugural Pick Me / Pick 3, I chose Donald Glover, longtime Apiary fave, one-fifth of Derrick, the Master of Disguise, 30 Rock scribe ("Funcooker") and one of the many, many reasons to watch NBC's Community. Without hesitation, Donald picked blerds Old Schooler and New York comedy meteor (by way of Chicago) Kumail Nanjiani (Michael and Michael Have Issues, The Colbert Report). So here's what Donald asked of Kumail and here's how Kumail answered:

1. Guilty-comedy-pleasure?
I love super terrible horror movies. There is no horror movie I cannot sit through. Vincent Price is a god. Though I wouldn't call his movies "guilty pleasures", cuz he is genuinely good.

2. What do you do If or when you feel creatively drained?
I try to experience new things, visit new places, do new things. I think so many comics I know just focus on comedy all the time. You gotta collect the ingredients to put into your comedy. Stephen King said something like "Your Life should inform your art, not the other way round." If I feel creatively drained, I'll go see a horse circus. That's a circus with horses in it.

3. I'm kinda terrified I'll die masturbating. What's YOUR most irrational fear?
I can't handle having food on my hands or clothes. I hate touching food. And I can't handle it when people who's just eaten food will shake my hand or something. Ugh!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Stay tuned to see Kumail's PICK ME / PICK 3.

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