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Mean Newsweek Reporter Has Bad Opinions, Fails

When mean Newsweek blogger Sarah Ball isn't eagerly reporting celebrity deaths, this budding nihilist bides her time smearing OBSCENE AMOUNTS OF POOP over a slew of easy targets with an article called: 12 Comedians Who Aren't Funny.

While 9 or 10 of her picks require the same command of judgement it took Paula Abdul to decide William Hung wouldn't be "going to Hollywood," Sarah shows that with one wrong selection, a lazily assembled listicle can quickly collapse under the weight of its own desperate need to please a-holes. Many responded the only way they could after seeing Emo Philips appear at #7 on her unfunny list: "Emo Philips? Really?"

We're not saying Sarah Ball is a low-rent Amelie Gillette-wannabe who lacks the cognitive skills necessary to form relevant or meaningful thoughts, but if she really, truly believes in her dumb opinions, she should do what Lou Dobbs did and quit her job.


After Judd Apatow said it was okay to hate Katherine Heigl, so did Sarah Ball!

One of Sarah's biggest formative influences painted unicorns all day long!

Sarah's too good to date Jean Claude Van Damme!

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