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When Worlds (and Doritos) Collide

--Former Late Night writer Michael Koman forgot to clean out his office when he took the head writer position at Demetri Martin's upcoming Comedy Central show. Conan hilariously threatened to start giving his stuff away on television unless he came back to get his stuff out. (@ 13')
--Eugene Mirman's latest ELECTRONIC LASER BLAST reveals a lot of neat upcoming shows, including Dr. Katz Live in Boston, a sponsored national tour in May, and an appearance with ONE ZILLION other funny people at the Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington. See his MySpace for details.
--We read something a couple weeks ago about a new CBS show called Secret Talents of the Stars which made us immediately think of CBS/NYC's The Other Talent Show.
--Sound Fix Records was reportedly shuttered by the Department of Health yesterday. In a late breaking memorandum sent out to his mailing list, Max Silvestri urged people to not come to his show because it wasn't happening. Details are unknown as to what health hazards lie within Sound Fix, but as a precaution, we suggest all Sound Fix patrons continuously check themselves for any odd symptoms or outbreaks and push the call button on their Life Alert pendants at the first sign of something awry.
--Chevy Chase said last night at Inside Joke that thinking of Whoopi Goldberg gives him erections. Jane Borden recapped the evening.
--Pete Holmes has a great observational bit about the 97.9 El Vacilon de La Manana advertisements that will change the way you look at them FOREVER.
--We asked Adam Newman how the New Orleans Comedy Arts Festival is going and what's happening down there:

Some serious comedian bonding, that's what's happening! Mark Normand sleeps naked, I just learned that firsthand.

Ross Hyzer and Danny Solomon are documenting the whole thing. They're taping most of the sets, getting lots of interviews, and I'm sure already have plenty of embarrassing b-roll. Turns out New Orleans has lots of booze. Some of the locals set up a Crawfish Flyesta during the day tomorrow, and we've been told the main beverage will be something called 1-800-FUC-ME-UP.

And the shows are going great. Wednesday started a bit slow, but we had full houses last night, and I'm sure it'll stay that way going into the weekend. There was a bit of a New York takeover at a local open mic late Wednesday that will probably be remembered as "The Sean O'Connor Heckling Incident".

Reader Comments (2)

So.. what is Pete Holmes' observational bit about El Vacilon de La Manana? I see those crazy ads everywhere..
April 4, 2008 | Unregistered Commentersoce
soundfix has been shut down like twelve different times for twelve different reasons in the last like month!!!
April 9, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterjess

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