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The Gag Reel By: Mo Diggs

DO YOU REALIZE... HOW UNFUNNY THIS MOVIE IS: I love The Flaming Lips as much as the next Peach Pit poser, but what's with the correlation between underwhelming Hollywood comedies and a Flaming Lips soundtrack?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIn 2005, "Mr. Ambulance Driver" was on the Wedding Crashers soundtrack. Earlier this year, "I Was Zapped By The Lucky Super Rainbow" was in Good Luck Chuck. And now, "The Tale Of The Horny Frog" is on the Heartbreak Kid soundtrack.

Have the Lips sold out like Band-Aids in Hemophiliac Town? Since Pitchfork called Wayne Coyne the Carrot Top of indie rock... is a Flaming Lips/Carrot Top collabo too far behind? Will the tour be called "Prop-aganda"?

CRINGE CRISIS: Digg gangs up on Sarah Silverman while AST is less than enthusiastic with Larry David's latest work. Do the reactions of these online communities reflect a wider backlash against awkward, cringe-inducing comedy, much like Hirschorn heralded the end of quirk a few weeks ago? If so, what's taken its place? Perhaps action-comedies like Chuck.

This leads into the latest edition of CAVEMEN WATCH, of course: The backlash and anti-backlash continues to swirl around the program (Tuesdays at 8 on ABC!). It's interesting to see TV Squad bloviate at length about how terrible it is, then surf over to Best Week Ever to find a wholly more reasonable assessment. Which side are you on? According to Ricky Van Veen of CollegeHumor, whatever happens, Nick Kroll is safe from it all.


FOR MY GIRLFRIEND: This is why Kristen Bell is on my "celebrity list."

THE JUDD APATOW LOVED THE STEVE MARTIN: The producer/director/screenwriter talks about his obsession with one of the biggest comics in history.

Sarah Silverman on Kimmel tonight
Tracy Morgan on Conan Wednesday
Stephen Colbert
on Letterman Wednesday
Bill Hader on Letterman Friday

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