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long live Klaus Kinski!
January 5, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterbrooklynvegan
As far as stolen phones go, I posted a similar bit of tech advice on Jackie Clarke's blog regarding her theft, but now that it sounds like a whole bunch of people got their stuff pilfered, I'm sharing the tip here as a fan of comedy and a tech guy who knows a thing or two. Anyone who is reading this who has an account on the Improv Resource Center should just repost this on the board since I don't have an account there,

If anyone who has had their phones/Blackberries/Sidekicks are anything stolen has ever logged to their service providers website to check stuff/account, there is hope of busting the folks who stole the gear. Because if you do have a login and you can login to your service provider's website and if the person whole stole the device did not pull out the SIM card, that means they would be using it still with your account. There was a case last year that was well publicized around the 'net--and I think on local news--about a Sidekick2 theft that was solved by doing this.

This works better if you have a text messaging account such as one for a Sidekick or Blackberry (to my knowledge) since messsages are often also stored online. And if they call or send any messages, you'd be able to read/see them and could even share them with John Law.

And if you don't have a phone with a SIM card--like a Sprint PCS account with a non-GSM phone--you can call your provider and let them know what happened.

Basically, any call made after the phones/devices were stolen one can assume were made by the jerks who stole the phone or whoever has that phone now. Get a record of it, go to the cops and they can then track people down... Hopefully...
January 5, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJack

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