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IRC Torn Apart By Jealousy, Written Words

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As the rest of the world slowly comes to terms with Andy Milonakis' true age, some dudes on The Improv Resource Center have taken the Andy Milonakis discourse to other levels--like sharing personal negative opinions on Andy's new MTV show under the false pretense of a deeper deconstruction and then directing said opinions straight at the guy. One thing lead to another and then someone tangentially interjected:

This is like going into the plugs forum and telling someone their improv group sucks balls. It's really not cool to do, no matter what you think...and trust me, there are plenty of terrible improv groups that plug shows here.

...which made more people upset. Anyways, there's an old saying we used to use in high school whenever fights would break out at our parties. It was, "RESPECT THE HOUSE." The IRC is not the forum for revealing who the worst improv group is. The Apiary is! Just kidding...

In other Andy news, apparently, MTV owns Andy and all of his videos now. You used to be able to get them at Angry Naked Pat, but not any more. There was another site that sprung up recently, but that doesn't seem to be working at the current time either.

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