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Andy Horwitz from Speaks to The Apiary

Cultural activist and blogger, Andy Horwitz, is running for Mayor of the city of New York and he wants YOUR vote. This Sunday at Galapagos in Brooklyn, Andy teams up with ALL STARS Bob Powers, Jon Friedman, and Michelle Collins for a FREE night of comedy and signature gathering in order to put his name on the mayoral ballot. The Apiary asked Andy to describe The Blog Party and to tell us, that if he were to become Mayor, what he intends to do for the comedy community in NYC.

Thanks for inviting me here today. I'm always delighted to meet my constituents and speak to them directly.

You ask me about the Blog Party. The Blog Party is not so much a political party as it is a project, a state of mind and, um, a bunch of parties. People have said to me, "Andy, isn't The Blog Party kind of a stupid idea?" And I say "Yes, yes, it is a stupid idea. If democracy is a stupid idea."

Having slowly ruined my life one day at a time online since 2000, I have seen the changes that blogs have wrought, both for good and evil. But mostly for good. I think it's great that anybody with time, inclination and access to the Internet can make their opinions known to the whole world. I think its even better that people can easily find other people with common interests and senses of humor and build connections both online and off. I think politics and public life should have that same level of transparency, immediacy and involvement. Like the poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti once wrote, "Everyone wears some kind of underwear!" Blogs let us use our cell phones to snap pictures of our leaders in their underwear (or without any) and post them for the whole world to see within minutes! Now that's good comedy. Comedy is the great leveler.

The Internet – and blogging – has been a big boon for comedy. Not because the Internet has given every stand-up in the universe a chance to promote their shows online but because it's opened up new ways to be funny. Just like the early days of television brought sophisticated humor to the general public, the Internet has created the context for a whole new brand of conceptual, sometimes literate, comedy. From "Black People Love Us" to "Girls Are Pretty" and beyond, the web is now part of the feedback loop of jokes within jokes about reality about jokes.

Dude. It's trippy.

Now, I'm not going to offer comedians a living wage or a union. Struggle is good and what doesn't kill you makes you funnier. If elected mayor I will do nothing to make your life tangibly better, though my staff is working on a plan for a Voyeur Dorm Subsidized Housing Project for Itinerant Comics.

But if elected I promise to provide excellent fodder for your routines. I promise sex scandals and drunken escapades. I promise embarrassing Freudian slips on my weekly radio show. I will be your Marion Barry. I will be the dancing monkey to your organ grinder. I promise to have character. Or at least be a character. And as my lovely wife Rachel is fond of saying, "Character IS Policy."

Thanks for giving me this chance to speak to the comedic community and I look forward to meeting you all in person on Sunday.

Mayorally Yours,


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